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Building Construction Science Advisory Board

Building Construction Science Advisory Board

The Building Construction Science Program continues to enjoy excellent support from dedicated construction professionals through their active and voluntary participation in the BCS Industry Advisory Board (IAB). Through its efforts, this board merges the needs and expectations of the construction industry with the academy to form a strong partnership that enhances the quality of the education needed to produce the construction professional of the 21st century. The board supports the BCS program through giving input into and influencing the direction of the program. It actively promotes the continual improvement of construction professional education and development of cutting-edge construction knowledge. The IAB provides liaisons between the construction industry and the BCS program by offering advice and counsel while contributing to the vision of the BCS program. The board meets a minimum of twice an academic year - once in the fall semester and once in the spring semester.

Adams Group


Brasfield and Gorrie, LLC

Brislin, Inc.

Clark Construction

Copeland & Johns

Dale Partners Architects

F. L. Crane & Sons, Inc.

Fisher Brown Bottrell Insurance

Gipson Steel

Glass, Inc.

Graham Roofing

Hoar Construction

Innovative Construction Management (ICM)


JESCO, Inc. Construction

Lemoine Company

Lipsky Enterprises, Inc.

Mississippi ABC

Mississippi Construction Education Foundation (MCEF)

Montgomery Martin Contractors

Probity Contracting Group

Pryor and Morrow Architects

Roy Anderson Corporation

Sanderson Construction, Inc.

Turner Construction

Upchurch Plumbing, Inc.

White Construction

Yates Construction

Professor Emeritus

Steve Bryant (IN MEMORIAM)

  • Stephen G. Bryant, age 65, of Ocean Springs passed away on March 11, 2017. Steve was born on May 2, 1951 in Jackson, Mississippi, to Pip and Dean Bryant, the oldest of 3 children. Steve loved the Gulf Coast and spent a great deal of his time there before permanently relocating to Ocean Springs in 1992. Steve was a well-regarded construction manager and worked for Mid-State Construction in Jackson; J&J Maintenance in Austin, Texas; and for Roy Anderson Corporation in Gulfport at the time of his death.¬†