Brad Clark


Clark Construction, Inc. of Mississippi

Clark Construction is a turnkey general contractor building retail, commercial space, multifamily and senior living. Most of this is private negotiated work. Clark is licensed in 25 states.

Tell us a little about what you do in your role as President?

I oversee all aspects of the company.

Why did your company join our advisory board?

I am a 1985 MSU Civil Engineering graduate and have been a contractor my entire life. MSU has been good for me. I believe that we should all contribute and put something back in the program for the benefit of the next generation of students. The BCS department is the future for our business. This BCS Advisory Board has a wealth of knowledge that is an excellent resource for the students. Clark has put MSU BCS graduates to work and has been extremely pleased.

What piece of advice do you have for students

The decisions that you make in college will affect you for your entire life, more so than at any other time.  Make good decisions. Your education is like a tool box full of new shiny new tools. You should spend time in the field learning how to use those tools after graduation. There is no substitution for field experience.

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Building Construction Science

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