Tony Carroll

President and Owner

Sanderson Construction

Sanderson Construction Company Inc. was founded in 1967 by Hobson L Sanderson Jr. to perform commercial construction projects. Today, the company is licensed in six categories with the focus still in commercial and industrial building construction. Offices are located in Amory and Tupelo, Mississippi.

Tell us a little about what you do in your role at Sanderson.

As president and owner, I oversee all aspects of the operation.

Why did your company join our advisory board?

Sanderson Construction Co. Inc. was one of the original eight Mississippi companies that pursued the formation of the Building Construction Science program in November 1999, at which time a really eager young professor named Jim West took the charge and ran with it to lay the groundwork of what we have today. I have served on the board since that time, originally, as part of the School of Architecture board and then moved to the BCS board when it was officially formed.

What piece of advice do you have for students?

I would advise the students to stay involved with MSU and trade associations, as well as keep informed and active in politics that affect our businesses and lives.

Other comments:

  1. Listen more than you talk.
  2. Spend less than you make.
  3. Place ethics above profit.
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Building Construction Science

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