Barry Lipsky


Lipsky Enterprises, Inc.

New York General Contractor – Public Works Construction, Commercial Construction, Residential Construction since 1955

Tell us a little about your role with the Building Construction Science Program.

I've been a member of the MSU IAB Board since its inception and am a founding member of the organization. I was also honored to receive the Mississippi State University Alumni Association College of Architecture, Art and Design Alumnus of the Year Award in 2017.

Why did your company join our advisory board?

As an alumnus of Mississippi State University, Class of 1976, I have always maintained a connection to the University of which I greatly enjoyed attending and graduating from. Around 2008, Dean Jim West, alumnus Tony Carol, myself, and a few other alumni and local business owners came together and developed the MSU School of Building Construction Science. The incredible success of the program is one of my most cherished accomplishments in my life. My business location in New York makes it impractical to receive any of our graduation students from the BCS program. However, I participate and maintain my interest in the program simply because I enjoy the interaction of the IAB members and students as well as the success of the program. Watching the program grow to where it is today has been an incredible experience. 

What piece of advice do you have for students?

To those students entering or moving through the BCS program: The BCS program is a very practical learning experience that will prepare you to work on day one of your employment. Prepare yourself by taking a great interest in the program and learning as much as you can in the years you spend at Mississippi State University. You will never regret this tremendous experience.

Additional Comments

Many of the employers I have personally spoken to during the Career Fairs have said to me that our graduates are much more prepared for the working environment than any other potential employees they have ever interviewed or employed. 

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