Christee Holbrook


Graham Roofing Incorporated (GRI)

Commercial and industrial roofing contractor since 1968 / Located in West Point, MS

Tell us a little about what you do in your role at GRI. 

Maintain the values and culture of the company, grow and expand the company to its fullest potential, business networking within our community and industry…

Why did your company join our advisory board? 

Having the MSU Building Construction Science Program (BCS) fifteen minutes from our office, it makes sense that we are involved. We are always looking for intern and co-op students to work at GRI. The roof is a very important part of construction, and being plugged in to BCS gives us the opportunity to be a guest lecturer to discuss commercial roofing. It’s also a great way to network and mentor to the students. They are our future workforce!

What piece of advice do you have for students? 

Get involved with extracurricular activities (ABC Student Chapter & others), go to the events offered, intern as much as you can, get to know your board members and the industry that you will be working with soon.

Other comments

Enjoy your college years! 

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Building Construction Science

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