Matt Harrell

Executive Vice President

Probity Contracting Group

Probity Contracting is based in Jackson, Mississippi, and serves as a multi-faceted contracting firm offering general construction, construction management, design-build, consulting, and development services to clients.

Tell us a little about your role with Probity Contracting Group

I serve as the Executive Vice President of Probity Contracting. Being a midsized contracting company focused on the Southeast, I am personally involved with every aspect of the company, from the company's financials to the daily activities of our labor forces in the field.

Why did your company join the advisory board?

My father, Mike Harrell, helped with the creation of the BCS program and pledged many employees to serve on the Advisory Board over the years. I attended Mississippi State University and had the privilege of being in the first class to graduate from the BCS program. Beyond the personal aspects, I believe this program has a major impact on the future of the construction industry in Mississippi. Between the collaboration and studio format learning, the hands-on industry involvement, and dedication from the MSU staff, leadership, and alumni I feel as if this program alone has the potential to shape/reshape the industry as we know it.

What piece of advice do you have for students?

Having gone through the program and knowing what I know today, I would have to say the biggest piece of advice I can give is to give it your all. The studio-based learning is not based on someone teaching you every aspect from a podium, rather its based on you doing the research, problem solving and figuring it out. This style of learning gives you back what you put into it. Don’t skirt around and rely on your group to carry you. Be willing to dive in, get your hands dirty and put in the work. If you’ll do that, then the sky is the limit on what you’ll learn and achieve.

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