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Dale Partners Architects, P.A.

An award-winning architecture, interior design, and planning firm serving clients nationwide. The company has extensive experience in hospitality, gaming, higher education, corporate, sports, justice, and master planning. It is focused on design and believes in long lasting relationships with clients.

Tell us a little about what you do in your role at Dale.

I became a Partner at DPA in 2021. In this role, I am responsible for managing both the execution of specific projects as well as team members’ roles in those projects. I also assist in management and implementation of the company’s strategic business development efforts.

Why did your company join our advisory board?

As an alumnus of Mississippi State University’s Architecture School, I know first hand how beneficial the interaction with building construction science students can be for other disciplines. The success of any project is in many ways dependent on a contractor and architect’s ability to work together toward a common goal. The quality of real-world knowledge I have seen from building construction science students at MSU is second-to-none and is rapidly shortening the learning curve typically experienced by young professionals.

What piece of advice do you have for students?

Lean in, be hungry for knowledge, and ask questions. The more well-rounded your knowledge base can be, the more successful you will be over the longterm.

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Building Construction Science

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