4B: Fourth-Year Mass Timber Capstone Studio

ARC 4546 | Fourth-Year, Spring Semester


  • Hans Herrmann, professor
  • Jacob Gines, associate professor

This Integrative Design Studio serves as a test of each student’s cumulative design thinking and design communication skills. Students are asked to demonstrate their ability to develop a concept, imagine the physical manifestation of said concept in material and spatial form(s), visually delineate and communicate the concept(s) from early/basic notions through study and iteration to arrive at advanced and fully resolved constructable buildings using drawings, models, images, and/or video as directed. The building each student designs will be required to meet industry standards for life safety, building thermal comfort/performance, constructability, accessibility; along with other such typical professional criteria of sustainability and context sensitive design and material application/specification.

The studio is sponsored by the Mississippi Forestry Association (MFA).

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