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Art Advising

Art Advising

Advising Guidelines 

  • Advising is available to all students and strongly encouraged.   
  • A sign‐up sheet to meet with your advisor will be posted on your advisor’s office door. 
  • It is the student’s responsibility to sign‐up for an advising appointment. If you do not participate in advising, it is assumed that you understand the process and take responsibility for your registration.  
  • You will not be released unless you have either had your advising appointment or signed the waiver of advising. 

What to do before your advising appointment

Before your advising meeting, you must complete and bring all of the below documents. If you have not completed all the items, you will not be advised, and you will have to reschedule.

  1. Advising Form: This form must be signed.
  2.  Review CAPP report from the MSU Banner system.
  3. Degree audit form: Fill out this document with the semester (semester and year, e.g. fall 2019) and grade for the course. Courses in which you are currently enrolled should include the semester only. 
  4. MSU Registration worksheet: This is available in the main office of the Department of Art.

Further information on the specifics of electives and required classes

Department of Art Curriculum

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