Harrison Lecture: Andrew Sosa + Luis Beltran Del Río

March 26, 2021

Andrew Sosa + Luis Beltran Del Río

Vrtical Estudio de Arquitectura

Andrew Sosa has developed his professional experience within the academic field teaching design workshops at the Universidad Anáhuac and the Universidad CENTRO de Diseño Cine y Televisión. As an architect, his work focuses on efficiency and design functionality. He currently teaches the Object and Space design workshop at the University CENTRO, as well as co-founder of Vrtical Estudio de Arquitectura

His professional history is characterized by seeking a balance in between practicing his profession pragmatically and having a strong academic background. He has taught project workshops at UNAM, Technical University of Berlin, CENTRO, Universidad Anáhuac México, as well as academic collaborations with the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. He is currently a professor at UNAM and Universidad Iberoamericana, in addition to being a founder of VRTICAL Estudio de Arquitectura.

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