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Jared Woullard

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Photo by Jonah Holland

Jared Woullard of Leakesville knows it’s people and relationships that have made all the difference in his life.

A high school teacher and others in his life at that time were the first to open his eyes to career possibilities.

 “Looking and seeing that there are different things in this world, different people, different ways of looking at life, I’m interested in that,” he said. “They did that for me.”

Later, after graduating from Jones College, Woullard had lunch with an architect who helped him discover his passion.

“We had this conversation, and he started talking about things that really ignited my excitement and interest—finding solutions to problems, but also creating beautiful things for people. I’ve always been interested in that, and I was like, ‘Wow, I really want to be involved with this. I really want to do this.’”

With the support and encouragement of his godfather and mentor, Woullard decided to take the steps to change his major and apply to the School of Architecture at Mississippi State. Now in his fourth year of studio study, he has no regrets.

“I’m turning 25 in a month; I’m still in school, and I’m OK with that because I’m doing something that I genuinely like. I have learned skills that are going to last me an entire lifetime because I was willing, and I had the courage to say, “You know what? I’m ok with starting over. I’m ok with doing something new and doing something way out of my comfort zone.’”

Woullard said he found renewed motivation recently when his mother, his “superhero and biggest influence,” went back to college and finished after pausing to raise her four children.

“That right there shows me that I can do anything,” he said. “Just because certain things come in your life, and they may prohibit you, don’t be scared of the time limit,” he said.

Woullard’s advice to others? Don’t let opportunities pass you by.

“Our life is based on decisions. If you think too much, you never move forward,” he said. “I have traveled, I have been awarded, I have done work for amazing firms, and I have seen amazing things that I probably wouldn’t have seen if I didn’t make the decision. Architecture has been the biggest fulfillment of my life.”

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By Christie McNeal on February 23, 2024


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