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Dia Baldwin

  • President, Collegiate Society of Interior Designers (CSID)

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Dia Baldwin: Collegiate Society of Interior Designers (CSID)

2021-2022 President

Senior, Interior Design

Tell me a little about this organization (mission, who can join, service requirements, etc.)? 

The Collegiate Society of Interior Designers (CSID) is a resource to connect students during college and help prepare them for post-college. It encompasses student chapters of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and Network of Executive Women in Hospitality (NEWH), which allow students to learn about the profession and connect with other students while in college.

Meetings are once a month, and we host skill workshops, lunch-and-learns, and community service opportunities. It is a great way to get to know other people in interior design and learn about what options you have after graduation. Currently, only students majoring in interior design can join CSID, but events are open to anyone. 

What opportunities have you had through this organization and/or how is it preparing you for the professional world? 

Because of this organization, myself and other students have entered our projects to gain regional and national recognition as well as scholarships to help fund our education. 

What is something you would like to accomplish in your organization this year? 

I would love to engage all interior design students is CSID and start to bridge the gaps between other CAAD majors. One of the main goals of CSID is to incorporate all CAAD majors, and I think that can start this year! 

What would you say to a prospective student to get them involved (What got you interested)? 

CSID is a fun way to learn more about the industry in a relaxed environment! With it being student-led, people get a different perspective and have people who have been exactly in their place to talk with. 


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