Student Spotlight
Annelise Sernich

Annelise Sernich poses in front of the "Architecture" sign outside of Giles Hall at Mississippi State University

“When I was 8 years old, I went to a children’s museum and stumbled upon some stencil templates on a drafting table, where I sat for hours creating floor plans instead of continuing through the museum. My mom told me, ‘Wow, you’d be a great architect one day!’ Since then, I’ve known that’s exactly what I want to be. When I visited MSU’s School of Architecture, I was blown away by the opportunities this program offers. Everything is so hands-on, the professors are always willing to help, and we take field trips to different cities around the country. This program is also unique in that we work on real projects for clients; this past semester we designed a tiny house village for the homeless in Shreveport, LA. The fact that we’re getting our ideas out into the real world before we graduate shows just how talented and respected our architecture program is.”
Annelise Sernich, Sophomore, Architecture #MSUExperience

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