ART 4990 | Street Photography

Street Photography: "Best Shot"

This project runs for the entire term. Each week students are encouraged to present their best non-assignment image. Subject matter is totally open. This is where students can share great images that they have taken that week.

Image of a child ordering ice creamImage of eyes looking back at the camera in a hand-held mirrorImage of a fire stationImage of a woman with her hand on her forehead, appears to be in a corner storeImage of old yachts that have been overcome by moss.

Street Photography: "Emotions"

This assignment the student is to reflect upon the Holiday Season as to how this time of year effects emotion. It can be filled with joy, sadness, consumer impulsiveness and so much more. The students can react to the concept in many ways.

Photograph of a small child standing in front of a cand cane christmas decorationPhotograph of an older woman visiting a grave sightPhotograph of a child playing with a penguin christmas decorationPhotograph of several children playing on playground equipment

Street Photography: "Neighborhood"

In this project the students are encouraged to record the aftermath of the holidays as their neighborhood return to normal. It is an exploration of their communities or present surroundings.

Photograph of a flock of black birds taking off for flight. Photograph of a child in the window pane of a wooden doorPhotograph of a white churchPhotograph of an older man sitting alone on a park bench.

Street Photography: "Final"

This is a final series created by the student. It is a photographic series which is a creative body of photographic images that are related by concept and technique. This is not a sequential series.  The series can be an event or a progression but each image in the series should not be dependent on the other images to be validated. Each image should be able to be critiqued independently.

Photograph of several donkeys crowded by a barbed wire fencePhotograph of an old gas pumpPhotograph of window panes from a dog eye's viewPhotograph of a road side memorial



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