Art 3633 | History of Photography

History of Photography is a three hour lecture course teaching the history of still photography as a fine art from its beginning to present.

Below is an assignment with student work examples.

For this course, each student will undertake a final paper and project which will focus on the examination of a revolutionary photographic artist, specifically from the 1960s to present. Please choose a photographer from your text. There are plenty of photographers to choose from. Once a photographer has been chosen, that name is exhausted. Please have several artists in mind from which to choose. You are welcome to choose an artist that is not in your textbook; however, please check with the instructor prior to selecting an artist who is not in the textbook.

The written component of the final project must be between 5-6 pages in length and include at least 3 scholarly sources. In addition to the written component, each student will also re-create or create one work of photographic art that reflects the chosen artist’s major contribution/issues/impact on the development of photography. 

An image of 2 people outside, one sitting in a recliner watching tv, the other point a gun to the others head. An image of a boy with his hands over he is eyes with words the read "Property of Society"an image of a gas station from the inside of a car.An image of a girl at a birthday party with a cupcake, tea, and a party hat - but is not smiling. An image of a rundown home with what seems to be a piece of cracked glass on the image.


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