ART 3263 | Scanography

(Prerequisites: ART 2103 or permission of the instructor). Six hours studio. The course explores the scanner as a photographic tool to create a fine art image. Students will learn a variety of approaches to creating fine art photographic images using a scanner.

Scanography: Single Object

Students scan a single object that represents who they are and/or what they believe. This is an introduction to the basic scanning process.

Scan of manequin handScan of a silver necklaceScan of a seashell

Scanography: Visual Feelings

In this assignment the student can simply explore different methods of creating work so to best express an emotion.ONE RESTRICTION: No Humans. Create your visual feelings with only objects.

Scan of crumbled paper to express angerScan to represent Rage, appears to be a red lightning boltScan of crumbled flowers

Scanography: Road Trip

Road Trip.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic; Americans have not been able to travel as they once did.  So we are going to travel with the scanner!

    • Create a route. You are going cross country from coast to coast.
    • You will need to map the route using real roads, highways and / or interstates.
    • Start on either the East Coast or West Coast.
    • Your trip must include one stop in each of the major sections of the United States. Seven total stops. Research your route.
    • Create a landscape using the scanner that best describes the location of each of your stops.
    • You can use both 2D and 3D items.
    • You cannot use just a magazine or photo of the location – rather you are to use found items to reconstruct the locations.
    • Do not just draw or paint the image. I do not what to see just scans of your drawing, paintings, or photographs.
    • Remember the images should reflect the location you have selected as a stopping point on your trip.
    • Use a variety of objects to create you location.

Scan that represents a waterfallscan that appears like snow in the branches of woods

Scan of objects that look like mountains and birds.

Scanography: "Portrait"

Students will create portraits of friends, family or fellow students using the scanner. Students may consider using of props with the subject. 

Scan of a face with an impression of a necklace on the cheekScan of a face Scan of a face being covered on the left side by a handScan of a face with skin being held tight by a hand

Scanography: Final

A photographic series is a creative body of photographic images that are related by concept and technique. This is not a sequential series.  The series can be an event or a progression but each image in the series should not be dependent on the others images to be validated. Each image should be able to be critiqued independently.

Scan of gingerbread men, rolling pin, and flourScan of various objects that remind you of breakfast in the 1950'sScan of a set of paws, and various dog like animal toys








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