ART 3033 | Non-Representational Painting

This course is an introduction to non-representational painting. The course includes intermediate painting with further emphasis on the skills and techniques of painting. 


This painting course establishes a distinct departure from the practice of observational painting. In doing so, the intention is to broaden the student’s working vocabulary and knowledge of painting. Studio practice, presentations/demos, readings, discussions, individual and group critiques will help students understand modern and contemporary approaches, strategies, and attitudes in this subject.

This class approaches painting as an experimental and inclusive practice. Lessons are formulated so that a diverse range of formal and conceptual topics are discussed and then utilized as themes for projects. In addition to traditional painting media and techniques, students are encouraged to challenge conventional practices, explore, and employ a variety of alternative approaches. Emphasis will be placed on the creation of “finished works”, the exploration and application of media, and the ideational component(s) behind each work or group of works.

Color Field Landscape Paintings

Implied painting of trees, using reds, oranges, and browns. Nonrepresntational painting using purples, pinks, and browns.Nonrepresentational Painting using blues, yellows, and browns.

Encaustic Paintings

Image of painting using reds, black, and teal to create an image of swilry illustrations.painting using reds, purples, and blues there appears to be a figure of a flower. Painting using browns, blues, and reds. the painting almost appears to read as bubbles.

Water Concept Paintings

Several three dimensional boxes in purples and blues. Several deep blues come together to create an image of moving waterBlues, purples, and whites come together to illustrate the bottom half of a jellyfish



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