Art 2813 | Intermediate Computing


Intermediate Computing for Designers offers further instruction about desktop computer hardware, operating systems, application software and beginning concept development specific to the graphic design industry for graphic design majors.

Below are descriptions of some of the assignments in the course with student work examples.

Oh, What a Character!

Challenge: Using only 7 letters and 2 symbols from one font of your choice make an illustration of someone famous. Use Illustrator. Use layers. While keeping your fonts in your artboard, outline your type that you intend to use (Command+Shift+O). If you don't do this, you will start experiencing lag as the program uses a mathematical algorithm to render the screen. Outlining the type makes it a vector image. When you are finished, lock it in place by locking the layer. Place black and white jpg image of your celebrity on the base layer in illustrator. Make it a tint. Lock the layer. As you place the fonts on a top layer, consider weight, size, rotation and placement to build your image. All type must be black, no shades of grey.

Several letters and symbols come together to create an image of Jimi Hendrix.Several letters and symbols come together to create an image of Harry Styles.Several letters and symbols come together to create an image of John Wayne.Several letters and symbols come together to create an image of Hugh LaurieSeveral letters and symbols come together to create an image of Andy Warhol.

4 Icon Challenge

Stories are complex narratives that are punctuated with core pinnacle moments that are crucial to its development. These moments are sometimes highlighted by objects/ settings/characters/etc. that eventually come to exemplify the meaning of the film for audiences. Through these interpretations they evolve from just being mere plot devices to symbolic idioms.

In this assignment, you will reduce a movie, story, or event into its basic elements. Then take those visuals and reduce them further to simple icons; four of them. The challenge is to find the icons that suggest the story, of which would be recognizable without the help of written titles.


  • Learn the foundation of Design Thinking
  • Learn observation and execution
  • Learn illustrator

4 icons including: a narwhal, a globe, scissors cutting a piece of paper in to a snowflake, and a book - come together to create the movie: Elf. 4 icons including: a paper fan, two swords, a piece of armor, and a latter - come together to create the movie Mulan.4 icons including a plaid question mark, a cosmetology bag, a pair of a heels with a telephone, and a set of cards that read the initials "J plus C" on them - come together to create the movie Clueless.4 icons including: a double decker bus, a door with a scary figure, a set of pumpkins and crows, and a person casting a spell on the scary figures come together to create the movie Prisoner of Azkaban4 icons including: a large walking robot, a plane crash, a mask, and a spaceship- come together to create the movie the empire strikes back

Pledge Allegiance

Challenge: I Pledge Allegiance To My Flag

Design a flag to make a personal statement about yourself.

Your flag can have any colors but it is meant to reflect you and issues important to you. Study symbols and colors to understand how the meaning and placement can reflect your personal story. These limitations provide experience in using purely graphic elements to resolve a design problem. Look at the Chicago Flag and what it means.

Objectives: Make a statement about you or your hometown.Create 20 concepts/sketches for your topic. Start with 1" x 1.5" sketch and use symbols that are meaningful to you.

Select one sketch to refine into a design solution that incorporates drawn imagery (scanned into Photoshop, then live traced) or vector elements (drawn in illustrator). The final will be completely vector in illustrator. Use spot colors only.

An illustrated fall with a blue Diamond in the center surrounded by a yellow thin line. and a green line going through the center of the flag. an image of a purple illustrated flag with 5 green lines going horizontally and 3 yellow ones vertically on the left side. with a circle of small illustrated sun and cloud. a purple flag with a yellow moon on the left and a red circle followed by many lines feeding to the right side. A flag with two V shaped green lines, with pink and purple lines going through the middle of them.


Challenge: Create two posters: one in illustrator and one in indesign. Images will be created in photoshop to be used in both programs. The poster is for a lecture:

Required text:

  • Nature as Design
  • Dr. Janine Benyus
  • Mississippi State University
  • McComas Hall Auditorium
  • May 6, 2022
  • 7 p.m.

Images are of nature and to be taken by you. Consider moving the object to a neutral background. Creating contrast at the edges.

  • 3 details of complete forms in nature
    • eg: acorn, flower, rock, seed, leaf
  • 3 background textured images.
    • fill the frame at the highest resolution your camera allows.
    • eg: tree bark, sand, gravel, grass, leaves, cliff face, ocean.

Consider contrast in black and white, range of texture, try to look for visual interest. All images will be black and white to begin with. No color images. We will add color in the programs to black and white images.

A Nature as design poster created out of a bitmapped black pinecones and a light brownish colored rock.A Nature as design poster created out of a red butterfly with a blue background. Nature as design poster created out of several leaves with bitmapped circular leaves in the background. black and white nature as design poster created out of 6 rocks that are placed in a circle, inside of that circle is what appears to be five sticks but still maintaining circular shape.

Spin It

Challenge: Design an album for a band. You will design the cover and record label along with a booklet for the band of your choice. YOU MAY NOT USE IMAGES FROM THE INTERNET. Work should be photographed, drawn or MADE by you.You are required to design the front and back of the album and the record label, side a and side b.

Make sure to include track listings, play duration and other pertinent information somewhere on the album (generally the back).

ROCK IT. Be daring! Think about what your artist! Think about the image of the band/music that you want to portray.

Album cover redesign of "The Killers" the background is light blue and the writing is in black with hints of red writing. Album cover has new background of teal/turquoise with the illustrated cover of a woman on the front surrounded by colorful flowers. Album cover redesign of "blond" the back side has an image of a car with floating doors. The front has more of scientific feel to it. There is some Chineses, some atoms, and equation like writing. Album redesign of Sonic Youth. The front is an image of a girl in a filed behind a barbed wire fence. The back is a smaller image of a girl in a field with a yellow border surrounding the image.