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Our hands-on and studio-based programs require unique facilities. Our students have 24/7 access to our buildings and a designated studio workspace. 

Our students also have access to a variety of specialized facilities and tools to help them succeed in their studies: three galleries, printing and plotting labs, the Bob and Kathy Luke Library (college-specific material), woodworking shops, metal shops, 3-D printers, a CNC router, lighting labs, and more.

Giles Hall

Giles Hall

  • School of Architecture
  • Dean and College Staff
  • Bob and Kathy Luke Library

Check out the 360 tour in Giles – some of our studio space and what we refer to as “The Barn” because it once was just that!

Outside Howell Building

Howell Building

  • Building Construction Science Program
  • Department of Art: sculpture, ceramics, and foundations courses

Outside Briscoe Hall

Briscoe Hall

  • Department of Art: printmaking, photography, drawing courses

Outside Freshmen Hall

Freeman Hall

  • Department of Art main office, painting, studio spaces

Outside Stafford Hall

Stafford Hall

  • Department of Art: Universal Technology Lab, graphic design, design studio

Outside Etheredge Hall

Etheredge Hall

  • Interior Design Program

Outside the Jackson Center

Stuart C. Irby, Jr. Studios

  • AKA Jackson Center – School of Architecture’s Fifth-Year Program
  • 509 East Capitol Street, Jackson, Mississippi 39201

College of Architecture, Art and Design Galleries

Inside the Giles Building Gallery

Giles Hall Architecture Gallery

  • Located on the top floor of Giles Hall

Inside the Cullis Wade Depot gallery

Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery

  • Located on the second floor of the university’s Cullis Wade Depot Welcome Center above its clock museum

Outside Visual Arts Center gallery

Visual Arts Center Gallery

  • Located at 808 University Drive between the downtown Cotton District and campus

(662) 325-2202

Building Construction Science

(662) 325-8305

Interior Design

(662) 325-0530

Dean's Office

(662) 325-5150