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Building Construction Science Accreditation

Building Construction Science Accreditation

Welcome to the public information page for Mississippi State University’s Building Construction Science Page. We hope you will be able to use this page as a one-stop shop to find the most important information about our program.

The Building Construction Science degree program, one of just two studio-based construction programs in the nation, is designed to prepare graduates for careers in construction or construction-related fields through an immersive, integrative, collaborative and transformational education. Graduates will be able to manage both construction projects and also the business of construction. The curriculum is interdisciplinary and provides a broad knowledge base in business, engineering and construction sciences.

Admissions Requirements

Please view our official admissions requirements on Mississippi State University’s catalog.

Academic Quality Improvement Plan

The QIP will be the basis for continuous improvement of the Building Construction Science four-year bachelor degree program. The QIP plan provides a systematic and sustainable process to enable the BCS Program to fulfill its mission. 

Read about the Quality Improvement Plan


Students in the program solve problems as construction professionals in a simulated office environment called a “studio.” In studio, students are challenged to integrate classroom knowledge and skills to solve problems on construction projects. Program coursework includes collaborative team projects, hands-on building projects, construction site visits and tours, and integrated cross-disciplinary work with design students in architecture and interior design. Practicing construction professionals are frequent visitors to the studios and participate in student project reviews each semester. 

Curriculum Flow Chart

Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes to be used to assess the Building Construction Science Program:

  1. Create written communications appropriate to the construction discipline.
  2. Create oral presentations appropriate to the construction discipline.
  3. Create a construction project safety plan.
  4. Create construction project cost estimates.
  5. Create construction project schedules.
  6. Analyze professional decisions based upon ethical principles.
  7. Analyze construction documents for planning and management of construction processes.
  8. Analyze methods, materials, and equipment used to construction projects.
  9. Apply construction management skills as an effective member of a multi-disciplinary team.
  10. Apply electronic-based technology to manage the construction process.
  11. Apply basic surveying techniques for construction layout and control.
  12. Understand different methods of project delivery and the roles and responsibilities of all constituencies involved in the design and construction process.
  13. Understand construction risk management.
  14. Understand construction accounting and cost control.
  15. Understand construction quality assurance and control.
  16. Understand construction project control processes.
  17. Understand the legal implications of contract, common, and regulatory law to manage a construction project.
  18. Understand the basic principles of sustainable construction.
  19. Understand the basic principles of structural behavior.
  20. Understand the basic principles of mechanical, electrical, and piping systems.

Program Mission and Goals

By means of a problem-based learning pedagogy that involves the use of case studies, precedents and integration of multiple subject areas, the Building Construction Science Program will prepare graduates with a clearly defined management skill set for careers in construction or construction-related fields where effective decision-making, problem-solving and multiple forms and levels of management are required.

The program objectives and goals describe the expected accomplishments of graduates during the first several years following graduation from the BCS Program at MSU. The BCS Program goals and program objectives are that graduates will:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of professional behavior and standards and a readiness to perform in the construction industry.
  2. Demonstrate an ability to apply problem-solving skills and integrated technical knowledge within an interdisciplinary team environment.
  3. Demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively.
  4. Demonstrate a propensity for lifelong learning.

Salary Earning Potential

Average starting salary for BCS CM graduates (based on BCS Alumni Survey completed by alumni completing the program in AY 2011-12 – 2014-15)

Bachelor of Science

  • High: 90,000
  • Average: $61,127
  • Low: $35,000

Student Employment

Career Fair

Each year, the Mississippi State University Building Construction Science Program holds an annual career fair for students who are seeking internship, co-op, and full-time positions in leading construction companies across the U.S. 

Fall 2019 Career Fair Attendance

Ninety-three students from six different majors attended the event including students majoring in building construction science, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, undeclared, business administration, and MBA - project management. The majority of these students were seniors (46), but students in all year levels, including graduate students, were in attendance.

View the Career Fair Attendance report, 2019

2017-2018 Annual Employment Report 

The data for this report is based on an 89% survey knowledge rate (18 degrees awarded/16 surveys completed).

Employment Status


Number of Students


Employed full time (on average 30 hours or more per week)  15 94%
Not seeking employment or continuing education at this time 1 6%
Total 16 100%

Employing Organizations

  • Allen Kiesel and Associates PA
  • American Musical Supply
  • Archetype Design, LLC
  • B & B Specialty Contractors
  • Belinda Stewart Architects
  • Bergmeyer
  • C. Foster Construction
  • Caddell Construction Company
  • Castle Black Construction
  • Cindy Aune Art 
  • Corgan
  • Curio Brands
  • Dale Partners Architects, P.A.
  • Duvall Decker
  • FedEx
  • Fleming Associates Architects, P.C.
  • Flintco, LLC
  • Grayer Industrial
  • Hattiesburg Convention Commission
  • Hefferlin+Kronenberg Architects
  • HK Architects
  • James Michael Howard, Inc .
  • KPS Group, Inc .
  • LIVE Design Group
  • Mithun
  • Montgomery Martin Contractors, LLC
  • Moss & Associates
  • Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • Profound Logic Software
  • PryorMorrow PC
  • Randall-Paulson Architects
  • Seay, Seay & Litchfield Architects
  • Skanska USA
  • Sparrow Ink Design
  • Stocker, Hoesterey, Montenegro Architects
  • Supreme Court of Mississippi
  • Turner Construction Company
  • URBN
  • Wade Design Architects
  • Williams Blackstock Architects
  • Wood Group PSN
  • Yates Construction
  • Yellowstone Club


  • Average: $57,136
  • Maximum: $65,000
  • Minimum: $37,500

Graduates with Internships and Co-Ops

Intern Co-Op Intern or Co-Op Receive Offer Accept Offer Conversion Rate
75% 31% 81% 77% 78% 75%

Explanation: 81% of building constructions science graduates who completed a survey reported having an internship or co-op.  Of those, 77% reported receiving a full-time offer. Of those that received an offer, 78% of them accepted the offer, so 75% of graduates who completed a survey and had an internship or co-op converted to full-time employees with their intern/co-op employer.

View the full Annual Employment Report for the college, 2017-2018.

Student Scholarships

2019-2020 Scholarship Recipients:

Abbey Burnett Bridges Endowed Scholarship:

  • Victoria Thompson

Brislin, Inc. Annual Scholarship:

  • Hunter Bullock, Stephon Calhoune, Colton Pierce, and Christopher Sharp 

Chip & Jennifer Crane Endowed Scholarship:

  • Morgan Maynard

MS Contractors Endowed Scholarship:

  • William Huntley and Jalyn Wallin

MS Associated Builders & Contractors Scholarship:

  • Collin Jones

Stanley Ross Black Annual Scholarship:

  • William Cooper and William Huntley

Yates Construction Company Annual Scholarship

  • Stephon Calhoune

2018-2019 Scholarship Recipients:

Abbey Burnett Bridges Endowed Scholarship

  • Victoria Thompson: $1,000

Brislin Inc. Annual Scholarship

  • Kacie James: $1,000
  • Christopher Sharp: $1,000
  • Jalyn Wallin: $1,000

Chip & Jennifer Crane Endowed Scholarship

  • Micky Mangan: $1,000

Kline Mechanical Systems Annual Scholarship

  • Katherine Pistritto: $1,000

MS Associated Builders & Contractors Scholarship

  • Troy Stokes: $1,000

MS Contractors Endowed Scholarships

  • Eric Talley: $1,000

Brasfield & Gorrie Building Construction Science Scholarship

  • Zachary Taylor: $500

2017-2018 Scholarship Recipients:

Abbey Burnett Bridges Endowed Scholarship

  • Regan Horn: $1,000

Brislin Inc. Annual Scholarship

  • Hunter Bullock: $1,000
  • Jonathan Cave: $1,000
  • Cora Howell: $1,000
  • Jalyn Wallin: $1,000

Kline Mechanical Systems Annual Scholarship

  • Maxwell Kirchgessner: $1,000

MS Associated Builders & Contractors Scholarship

  • Ross Weeden: $1,000

MS Contractors Endowed Scholarships

  • Christopher Sharp: $1,000

Chip & Jennifer Crane Endowed Scholarship

  • Victoria Thompson: $1,000

    2016-2017 Scholarship Recipients:

    Yates Construction Company Annual Scholarship

    • Derricka Grayer: $10,000

    Brislin Inc. Annual Scholarship

    • Benjamin “Ben” Chubb: $1,500
    • Cora Howell: $1,500
    • Jonathan “Lon Luke” Cave: $1,500

    Abbey Burnett Bridges Endowed Scholarship

    • Regan Horn: $1,000

    Kline Mechanical Systems Annual Scholarship

    • Hunter Bullock: $1,000

    MS Associated Builders & Contractors Scholarship

    • Samuel Akers: $1,000
    • Victoria Thompson: $1,000

    MS Contractors Endowed Scholarships

    • William Brooks: $1,000
    • Christopher Sharp: $1,000
    • Jalyn Wallin: $1,000

    Chip & Jennifer Crane Endowed Scholarship

    • Jeffrey Hubler: $750

    Brasfield & Gorrie Building Construction Science Scholarship

    • Owen McVitty: $500