Small Town Center class wins Best Downtown Beautification Award


School of Architecture students from the 2023 CREATE Common Ground class (ARC 4613) won an award from the West Point Growth Alliance for their work transforming a downtown alleyway.

The award, 2023 Best Downtown Beautification, was presented to the 10 students on Feb. 29, at the annual West Point Main Street banquet at the Civic. Lisa Klutts, Growth Alliance Director, presented the awards.

"The transformation took an entire semester – choosing the site, designing the project, and implementing by painting and making custom cut out three-dimensional pieces to mount on the wall," said Leah Kemp, director for the Fred Carl Jr. Small Town Center.

Emily Hammons, a student in the class, said, "The mural was a design I created that was inspired by one of West Point’s sayings, 'Find Your Direction.' I incorporated dandelions to signify finding your direction in life, since dandelion seeds blow different directions, and new dandelions bloom where those seeds fall."

The class is sponsored, in part, by the CREATE Foundation of NE MS.

Students (all in architecture):

  • Edward Forsberg
  • Emily Hammons
  • Carlos Hawkins
  • John Hitchcock
  • Shawn Mackey
  • Alyssa McKee
  • Rodney Morgan
  • Michael Seale
  • Faith Troutt
  • Jeremiah Washington

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