Background Image Alternative Text: two pictures side by side: left, section 1 seniors gathered around sign in front of Howell Building, right: section 2 seniors around sign
Background Image Alternative Text: two pictures side by side: left, section 1 seniors gathered around sign in front of Howell Building, right: section 2 seniors around sign

Building Construction Science celebrates class of 2022, year-end awards


The Building Construction Science Department would like to congratulate the class of 2022 and this year's scholarship and award recipients.

A luncheon was held in their honor, sponsored by Brad Stevens, president of the Amory division of Community Bank.

See photos from the event.

2021-2022 BCS Scholarship Recipients:

Abbey Burnett Bridges Endowed Scholarship

  • Makayla Luper

Brislin, Inc. Annual Scholarship

  • Philip Christian, Jackson Drescher, and William Martin.

Chip & Jennifer Crane Endowed Scholarship

  • William Cameron Crace

Hoar Construction Annual Scholarship

  • Collin Jones

Kline Mechanical Systems Annual Scholarship

  • Jacob Moore

Mississippi State Board of Contractors Endowed Scholarship

  • Caleb Hernandez, Eugene Newell, Jordan Porter, and Gabriel Robinson.

Stanley Ross Black Memorial Annual Scholarship

  • Heath Greenlee

Yates Construction Company Annual Scholarship

  • Stephon Calhoune

2021-2022 Students of the Year:

One student from each studio level is selected as the Student of the Year based on academic performance. The student/s with the highest Grade Point Average at the conclusion of the fall semester receives this award.

Freshman: Elijah Rietz

Elijah Rietz poses in grass

Sophomore: Cy Powell

headshot of Cy Powell

Junior: Drennan Allen

headshot of Drennan Allen

Senior: Philip Christian

headshot of Philip Christian

2022 Director’s Medallion

Selection criteria include academic effort, participation, leadership abilities, strong moral character and a concern for the sustainability of the program. The recipient must work diligently in the classroom, participate in BCS extracurricular activities and be a role model to students.

Noah Heflin

headshot of Noah Heflin

MSU Building Construction Science Class of 2022

Hunter Allen

headshot of Hunter Allen

Bo Allison

headshot of Bo Allison

Julian "Jude" Anderson

headshot of Jude Anderson

Stephon Calhoune

headshot of Stephon Calhoune

Philip Christian

headshot of Philip Christian

Cam Clayton (December 2022)

headshot of Cam Clayton

William Cole

headshot of William Cole

Cody Courtney

headshot of Cody Courtney

Donald Crotwell

Donald Crotwell holds MSU diploma in graduation attire

Paul "Rhett" Culpepper

headshot of Rhett Culpepper

Carter Cumberland

headshot of Carter Cumberland

Andrew Dotson

headshot of Andrew Dotson

Nicholas "Cole" Dunn

headshot of Cole Dunn

John Farr

headshot of John Farr

Daniel Garrity

headshot of Daniel Garrity

Johnathan "Noah" Heflin

headshot of Noah Heflin

Jonathan Jajack

headshot of Jonathan Jajack

William "Spencer" Land

headshot of Spencer Land

Micky Mangan

headshot of Micky Mangan

William Martin

headshot of William Martin

Christopher "Hamner" McCrory

headshot of Hamner McCrory

Granger Neblett

headshot of Granger Neblett

Jackson "Jack" Ogletree

headshot of Jack Ogletree

Katherine "Katie" Pistritto

headshot of Katie Pistritto

Cody Sanford

headshot of Cody Sandford

Emerson Shinn

headshot of Emerson Shinn

Eli Sisung

headshot of Eli Sisung

Pennington "Penn" St Paul

headshot of Penn St Paul

Troy Stokes

headshot of Troy Stokes

Timothy "Chance" Walters

headshot of Chance Walters

Friday, May 13, 2022 - 11:31 am


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