Background Image Alternative Text: 27 headshots in abc order by last name (3 rows of 7, 1 of 6)
Background Image Alternative Text: 27 headshots in abc order by last name (3 rows of 7, 1 of 6)

Building Construction Science Banquet 2020

In recognition of our graduates.

The 2020 annual Awards and Recognition Banquet for the Mississippi State University Building Construction Science Program was scheduled for April 30, 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the program had to make the unprecedented decision to cancel the in-person ceremony and move to an online program.

A message from the Dean of the College of Architecture, Art and Design:

A toast to the grads:


Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Region II Student Competition:

First Place: Commercial Construction Team  

  • Evan “Hunter” Henderson
  • Jacob “Jake” P. Roberson
  • Jalyn R. Wallin
  • Kacie Lynn James, team leader
  • Johnathan “Noah” Heflin
  • Steven “Steve” C. Dragoo

Third Place: Design-Build Construction Team

  • Jeremy “Blake” Farrar (architecture)
  • McKenzie R. Johnson (architecture)
  • Hunter E. Bullock, team leader
  • Robert L. Montoux
  • Tyler A. Seal
  • Victoria “Tori” A. Thompson 

Shadow Students

  • OCEAN SPRINGS—Junior Bo F. Allison 
  • GREENWOOD—Sophomore Elizabeth R. Gallagher
  • CUMMING, Georgia—Sophomore Micky J. Mangan

Read more about the competition.

2019-2020 Scholarship Recipients:

Abbey Burnett Bridges Endowed Scholarship:

Victoria Thompson

Brislin, Inc. Annual Scholarship:

Hunter Bullock, Stephon Calhoune, Colton Pierce, and Christopher Sharp 

Chip & Jennifer Crane Endowed Scholarship:

Morgan Maynard

MS Contractors Endowed Scholarship:

William Huntley and Jalyn Wallin

MS Associated Builders & Contractors Scholarship:

Collin Jones

Stanley Ross Black Annual Scholarship:

William Cooper and William Huntley

Yates Construction Company Annual Scholarship:

Stephon Calhoune

Students of the Year:

One student from each studio level is selected as the Student of the Year based on academic performance. The student/s with the highest Grade Point Average at the conclusion of the fall semester receives this award.


Collin Jones


William Martin


Curt Wilson


Victoria Thompson

Director’s Medallion:

Selection criteria include academic effort, participation, leadership abilities, strong moral character and a concern for the sustainability of the program. The recipient must work diligently in the classroom, participate in BCS extracurricular activities and be a role model to students.


Hunter Bullock

BCS Class of 2020:

Jackson Bates

Jackson Bates poses in front of white brick wearing suit jacket

Hunter Bullock

Hunter Bullock headshot - wearing suit with part of MSU seal in background

Jonathon Burton 

Jonathon Burton headshot in gray and white striped collared shirt against light wall

Colton Cox

Colton Cox poses inside - shelves seen behind him - wearing dark shirt

Tyler Cox

(No photo available.)

Joey Deaton

Joey Deaton headshot - blue checkered collard shirt - white wall in background

Steven “Steve” Dragoo

Steve Dragoo headshot - wearing maroon suit - outside with greenery in background

Carl Elkins

(No photo available.)

Robert "Bobby" Fatherree

Robert Fatherree poses in hardhat

Gregory “Chip” Goza

Chip Goza headshot - white wall in background - wears maroon polo - Adidas and Mississippi State logos in white

Blake Guthrie

Blake Guthrie headshot in suit and bowtie

Peyton Harlow

Peyton Harlow headshot in black tux

Josh Jacobs

Josh Jacobs poses - leaning on left elbow - Mississippi State stadium in background

Ryeley Jacobs

Ryeley Jacobs sits in front of water at sunset holding cowell

Kacie Lynn James

Jacie Lynn James leans against brick wall in alley

Garrett Jones

Garrett Jones sits at desk wearing hard hat

Owen McCallum

Owen McCallum headshot wearing suit and tie with sunset in background

Jamison McKee

Jamison McKee headshot - white background - wearing suit

Robert Montoux

Robert Montoux headshot wearing suit and tie, light background

Casey Pennebaker

Casey Pennebaker headshot - wearing gray suit - wood background

Tyler Roch

(No photo available.)

Tyler Seal

black and white headshot of Tyler Seal wearing suit and tie

Christopher “Chris” Sharp

Christopher “Chris” Sharp headshot - wearing light blue dress shirt, light background

Mason Smith

Mason Smith headshot wearing suit and tie

Mitchell Smith

Mitchell Smith headshot - wearing suit and cowboy hat

Jacob Stovall

Jacob Stovall headshot - wearing blue striped collard shirt outside at night

Victoria “Tori” Thompson

Victoria “Tori” Thompson senior black drape headshot - blue/green background

Alex Todd

Alex Todd headshot - outside

Jalyn Wallin

Jalyn Wallin headshot - against brick wall - wearing gray shirt and gray vest

Jackson Warren

Jackson Warren headshot wearing black jacket

Martin Wood

(No photo available.)

Case Woodward

Case Woodward headshot - wearing suit with tree/leaves in background


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