2019 Curtis Stout Portable Lamp Competition winners announced

three females holding lamp designs: left lamp is a wooden base with wooden sticks sticking up a circular pattern; middle lamp is books stacked on top of each other in a zigzag pattern; right lamp looks like a hamburger in a bun with cheese, lettuce and tomato
2019 Curtis Stout Portable Lamp Competition winners: (left to right) First Place: Katelyn Jenkins; Second Place: Sara Ellison; Third Place: Jordan Hester
four females with their lamps: left lamp looks like a copper cylinder that angles out in a circle at top and bottom; left middle lamp looks like a white layered wedding cake; right middle lamp looks similar to an old rotary phone; right lamp looks like a red buoy with yellow flowers on it hanging from a wooden base
2019 Curtis Stout Portable Lamp Competition Honorable Mention: (left to right) Jaylin Gilland, Addison Buntin, Mary Beth McClung and Hannah Hancock

Students in Robin Carroll’s Color and Lighting for Interiors course were challenged last fall with the 2019 Curtis Stout Portable Lamp Competition. 

The objective of the competition was to design and construct an original pendant or portable lamp (table or floor) from an inspiration.

The concept for this year was “Elements of Design,” requiring students to create a lamp that demonstrated the best use of design, coupled with energy-efficient lighting components.

The original creation had to be light emitting diode (LED), but there were no limitations placed on the type of LED lamp.

This design project allowed students to use creative skills to develop a final lighting product and gain knowledge about both product design and electrical systems. 

The following winners were selected by interior designers and lighting designers:

First Place

Katelyn Jenkins of Florence, "The Sanctuary"

Second Place

Sara Ellison of Seminole, Ala.,"Vortex"

Third Place

Jordan Hester of Conway, Ark., "Hamburger"

Honorable Mention

Jaylin Gilland, "The Sound View"

Addison Buntin, "Lumi the Lamp"

Mary Beth McClung, "Water and Light"

Hannah Hancock, "Cochin"

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