Art students return from New York study

New York Field Study 2017 from CAADatMSU on Vimeo.

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Twenty students and two faculty members spent their Fall Break in New York.

Led by Associate Professor Ben Harvey and Assistant Professor Suzanne Powney – who organized the trip – the students are the fourth and largest group to participate in the department’s Special Topic in ART- Art Field Study course.

The course was created in 2014 to provide historical and contemporary cultural experiences in the Big Apple’s world of art and design through visits to museums, galleries, artists’ studios and design firms, among other activities.

Among other locales, the group visited the special collections at the Columbia University Butler Library, Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Modern Art; graphic design work spaces of Gensler and Johnson & Johnson; along with an artists’ studio in the Red Hook neighborhood with textile designer Annie Coggan and fine art alumnus Chris Lucious. 

The group also visited the High Line Park before a boat tour of the entire island of Manhattan. Perhaps most importantly, the students and faculty had opportunities to meet with former MSU art majors that have “made it” in New York. They included Sarah Foley, design manager at Johnson & Johnson; Lauren Blalock, Anna Callaway and Drew Ford, graphic designers for Johnson & Johnson; and Ashlee Bennett, Britney Johnson, Lilly Scheibelhut, Mickenzie Robbins, Trey Harding, Patrick Finch, Caleb Hunt and Brian Barham.

Special thanks to Karen Green, curator for comics and cartoons, Ancient & Medieval History librarian, Columbia University; Lauren Docktor, workplace experience manager, Gensler; Chris Lucious, artist; and Sarah Foley, design manager at Johnson & Johnson for hosting our students! 

Students had various creative assignments as part of the trip, including a blog created by Carly Melton, Calli Nelson, April Porter, Mimi Sheppard, Haylee Upton and Moesha Wright.

Abbey Goodman, Ali Meeler, Mary Emily Moore and Abbey Ridgon created a course poster (above).

Conner Booth, Claire Burgett, Kennedy Caldwell and Madison Cheek were in charge of a video (watch it above), while Darren Cheairs, Stephen Latham, Breanna Rayburn, Lauryn Rody, Samantha Sumrall and Kaitlyn Upton were in charge of documenting the experience through photography (photos below).

Day 1:

Rayburn_Day 1_4Rayburn_Day 1Sumrall_Day1_9Sumrall_Day1_10Sumrall_Day1Upton Oct 4_2Upton October 4_1Decorative Image 5

Day 2:

Cheairs NY-7-2Cheairs NY-9-2Cheairs NY-11-3Cheairs NY-12-3Cheairs NY-13-3Cheairs NY-14-3Cheairs NY-16-3Cheairs NY-17-3Cheairs NY-18-3Cheairs NY-19-3Cheairs NY-20-3Rayburn_Day 2_ 1Rayburn_Day 2_ 3Rayburn_day 2_ 7Rayburn_Day 2_ 13Rayburn_Day 2_2Rayburn_day 2_4Rayburn_Day 2_5Rayburn_Day 2_6Rayburn_Day 2_16Rayburn_Day 2_17Rayburn_Day 2_18Rayburn_Day2_16Rody_Day2_1Sumrall_Day2_1Sumrall_Day2_4Sumrall_Day2_6Sumrall_Day2_7Sumrall_Day2_10Sumrall_Day2_12Sumrall_Day2_14Sumrall_Day2_22Upton Oct 5_2Upton Oct 5_3Upton Oct 5_4Upton Oct 5_5Upton Oct 5_6Upton Oct 5_7Upton Oct 5_8Upton Oct 5_9Upton Oct 5_10Upton Oct 5_12Upton Oct 5_13Upton Oct 5_14Upton Oct 5_15Upton Oct 5_16Decorative Image 4

Day 3:

Cheairs NY-12-2Cheairs NY-13-2Cheairs NY-15-2Cheairs NY-16-2Cheairs NY-17-2Cheairs NY-18-2Cheairs NY-19-2Cheairs NY-22-2Cheairs NY-24-2Cheairs NY-25-2Cheairs NY-27-2Cheairs NY-29-2Cheairs NY-30-2Cheairs NY-31-2Rayburn_Day 3_ 1Rayburn_Day 3_2Rayburn_Day 3_5Rayburn_Day 3_7Rayburn_Day 3_9Rayburn_day3_10Rayburn_day3_11Rayburn_day3_12Rayburn_day3_14RAyburn_day3_15Rayburn_day3_16Rayburn_day3_17Rayburn_day3_18Rayburn_day3_20Rayburn_day3_22Rayburn_day3_22(1)Rayburn_day3_23Rayburn_day3_24Rody_Day3_2Rody_Day3_3Stephen_Latham_J_JSumrall_Day3_2Sumrall_Day3_4Sumrall_Day3_5Sumrall_Day3_7Sumrall_Day3_10Sumrall_Day3_11Sumrall_Day3_12Upton Oct 6_1Upton Oct 6_2Upton Oct 6_5Upton Oct 6_6Upton Oct 6_9Decorative Image 3

Day 4:

Cheairs NY-1Cheairs NY-2Cheairs NY-4Cheairs NY-6Cheairs NY-10Cheairs NY-2325Cheairs NY-2347Rayburn_day4_3Rayburn_day4_7Rayburn_day4_8Rayburn_day4_13Rayburn_day4_15Rayburn_day4_16Rayburn_day4_18Rayburn_day4_20Rody_Day4_3Rody_Day4_5Rody_Day4_6Rody_Day4_7Rody_Day4Stephen_Latham_BoatTour3Stephen_Latham_MoMaSumrall_Day4_6Sumrall_Day4_7Sumrall_Day4_11Sumrall_Day4_14Sumrall_Day4_15Sumrall_Day4_17Upton Oct 7_3Upton Oct 7_5Decorative Image 2

Day 5:

Rayburn_day5_1Rayburn_day5_4Rayburn_day5_5Rayburn_day5_6Rayburn_day5_8Rayburn_day5_9Rayburn_day5_10Rayburn_day5_12Sumrall_Day5_2Sumrall_Day5_3Sumrall_Day5_4Sumrall_Day5_12Sumrall_Day5_14Decorative Image 1