School of Architecture holds annual Design Discovery Camp

Students on the Drill Field at Design Discovery Camp (photo by Laura Daniels/ © Mississippi State University)Students on the Drill Field at Design Discovery Camp
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(photos via Megan Bean, Mississippi State University and Kapish Cheema, 2016 counselor)

Design Discovery was held June 10 – 17 this year.

The annual weeklong camp was created specifically for high school students age 16 and older–especially entering MSU freshmen–with an interest in architecture or related design fields.

Activities simulate the levels of information processing, individual skills and focused intensity required of students enrolled in the state’s only accredited architecture program.

2016 Design Discovery Scholarship Recipients:

Johnson-McAdams Design Discovery Camp Scholarship

  • Jaylin Gilland

Joseph L. Echols D2 Scholarship

  • Corey Luellen
  • Lamuel Walters

Toyota Wellspring Education Fund

  • Sarah Hoing


For more on Design Discovery, contact Phyllis Davis-Webber at 662-325-2202 or

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 - 3:21 pm


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