Building Construction Science Banquet 2012

Class of 2012 Front Row (l to r): Ryan Monk Johnathon Horton Abbey Bridges Wesley Rayner Benjamin Bennett Austin Holder Kaila Pope Michael Thomas Middle Row (l to r): Cole Walker Michael Kelly Ryan Chris Ratzlaff Chris Newton Nathan Boddie Brian Little Back Row (l to r): 	Michael Weldon 	Jordan Perry 	Terrance Watson 	John Taylor Logan 	Robert Jordan
Class of 2012: Front Row (l to r) – Ryan Monk, Johnathon Horton, Abbey Bridges, Wesley Rayner, Benjamin Bennett, Austin Holder, Kaila Pope, Michael Thomas; Middle Row (l to r) – Cole Walker, Michael Kelly, Ryan, Chris Ratzlaff, Chris Newton, Nathan Boddie, Brian Little; Back Row (l to r) – Michael Weldon, Jordan Perry, Terrance Watson, John Taylor Logan, Robert Jordan

The Building Construction Science Program honored its second graduating class during the annual Awards & Recognition Banquet on Friday, May 11.

Members of the senior class and their parents were invited to attend the banquet at the Ritz Theater in West Point, where the Director’s Medallion and Student of the Year awards were announced.

Class of 2012

  • James C. Arnold
  • Benjamin G. Bennett
  • Joshua A. Boyd
  • Abbey L. Burnett
  • Johnny Lee Crane, III
  • Steven R. Dobbs
  • Jeremy R. Doler
  • Jeremy G. Dunkerton
  • Matthew T. Dyer
  • Adam M. Fowler
  • Samuel D. Ginn
  • Jonathan M. Harrell
  • Michael J. Harris
  • Austin O. Holder
  • Jonathan M. Horton
  • Michael J. Kelley
  • Andrew C. Lewis
  • Brian D. Little
  • John T. Logan
  • Philip P. McManus
  • Mickey L. McReynolds
  • Ryan W. Monk
  • David B. Morrow
  • Jonathan M. Myrick
  • Jordan T. Perry,
  • Kaila M. Pope
  • Matthew W. Pringle
  • Christopher P. Ratzlaff
  • Wesley H. Rayner
  • Terrance O. Richardson
  • Justin K. Shorkley
  • Christopher E. Smith
  • Justin T. Smith
  • Michael H. Thomas
  • Trenton C. Walker
  • Michael D. Weldon

Students of the Year

Students earning the highest GPA from each class are recognized as Student of the Year in their class.

Allie Salas holds award

Allie Salas, freshman

Devin Compher holds award

Devin Compher, sophomore

Adam Moore

Adam Moore, junior

Wesley Rayner

Wesley Rayner, senior

Director's Medallion

The Director’s Medallion is awarded to a member of the senior class that has shown leadership, participation, performed well academically and developed as a professional during his or her time in BCS program.

David Lewis, left, with Wesley Rayner
David Lewis, left, with Wesley Rayner

The 2012 Director’s Medallion was awarded to Wesley Rayner. He was selected by the BCS faculty and director to receive this honor due to his dedication to the program, and he possessed all the characteristics valued by the program.

Congratulations to the BCS graduating class of 2012. We wish you great success in all your endeavors. 

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