Streams of Consciousness: BFA Fine Art Senior Thesis Exhibition

May 6, 2023


Visual Arts Center Galley, Union Art Gallery, Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery

Graphic design for Streams of Consciousness BFA Thesis Exhibition


Streams of Consciousness is an exhibition of artwork by graduating Fine Art seniors in the Department of Art at Mississippi State University. The fourteen Fine Art thesis students each present a separate body of work as part of their BFA degree. The exhibition is installed in three different art galleries across MSU - the Colvard Student Union Art Gallery, the Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery, and the Visual Arts Center Gallery.

There will be a public reception starting at 2:00 p.m. and ending at 4:00 p.m. on May 6th, 2023.

Fine Art Seniors:

Zack Anglin (Visual Arts Center Gallery)

Dontae Ball (Colvard Student Union Art Gallery)

Max Burge (Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery)

Lydia Fortenberry (Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery)

Madison Haley (Visual Arts Center Gallery)

Victoria Hickey (Visual Arts Center Gallery)

Galashia Holman (Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery)

Brad James (Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery)

Jerry Jenkins (Visual Arts Center Gallery)

Minetta Mahr (Visual Arts Center Gallery)

Nasya Pittman (Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery)

Kelley Proaps (Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery)

Kenya Thompson (Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery)

Phillip Thompson (Colvard Student Union Art Gallery)


Gallery Location and Hours

  • Colvard Student Union Art Gallery (second floor of Colvard Student Union), Open Monday–Friday, 8am-10pm and Saturday & Sunday, 10am–10pm
  • The Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery (second floor of the MSU Welcome Center), Open Monday–Friday, 9am until 5pm
  • The Visual Arts Center Gallery, 808 University Drive, Open Monday–Friday, 1pm-6pm and Saturday, 1pm until 4pm.

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