Common Differences: BFA Fine Art Senior Thesis Exhibition

May 7, 2022


Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery, Visual Arts Center Gallery, Colvard Student Union Art Gallery

Poster design with black and white drawing of a group of people with thumb print heads.

Common Differences: BFA Fine Art Senior Thesis Exhibition

Beginning on May 7th and ending on May 13th, Common Differences: BFA Fine Art Senior Thesis Exhibition is on display in three locations on MSU’s main campus: the Visual Arts Center Gallery, Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery, and Colvard Student Union Art Gallery. The exhibition includes the work of sixteen graduating students of the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at Mississippi State University. Each artist uses art to visually communicate their personal narratives. The variety of mediums, techniques, and styles on display in the exhibition show many of the unique and common differences of students at Mississippi State University. The graduating BFA Fine Arts class of 2022 invites everyone to view the exhibition Common Differences and celebrate the completion of their undergraduate studies at MSU.

A public reception is planned for Saturday, May 7th, 1:00pm until 4:00pm in all three of the galleries. Visitors can join the tour of all three galleries starting at 1:00pm in the Colvard Student Union Art Gallery when Professor Critz Campbell, Head of the Department of Art, will introduce all of the graduating seniors and make opening remarks. During the reception hours, food and beverages will be provided at all three gallery locations.

All of the galleries are free and open to the public. For questions about the exhibition, call the Department of Art Office 662-325-2970.

Gallery hours:

Visual Arts Center Gallery, 808 University Drive: Monday–Friday, 1pm–6pm and Saturday 1pm–4pm

Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery, second Floor of the MSU Welcome Center: Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm

Colvard Student Union Art Gallery: Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm


About the Artists:

Taylor Barlow is a drawing major from St. Louis, MO. Taylor’s parents are Mary and Geoff Barlow. She believes that art can be expressive, unifying each together, and providing knowledge of oneself. She feels that art can reflect personal stories, feelings, and situations that can spark conversations to deepen one’s understanding. 

Josephine Burke is a ceramist artist born in Tuscan, Arizona and raised in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Jo’s parents are Tricia Burke and David Burke. She not only works in clay but also dedicates time to crochet. Her artwork concentrates on the materials and processes of both clay and crochet combining the two mediums into one form. 

Austin Chambliss is a ceramic artist born in Louisville, Mississippi. Austin’s parents are Brooke Hathorn and Kyle Chambliss. Austin strives to create a sense of unity between functional pieces of pottery binding them together as a unifying set. The sets that he creates serve the purpose of individuals communing with one another in some form of ceremonial practice. His work is focused on the tasks that unify one another to interact with the work rather than the physical objects. 

Gem Collins is a printmaker from Starkville, Mississippi. Gem’s parents are Eric and Jennifer Collins. Since arriving at Mississippi State, Gem made it a priority to find out who he really is and what his goals and aspirations are in life. The way that he communicates with the outside world is through illustrations, both digital and analog. By expressing his internal world through the universal language of art, Gem hopes to deconstruct the stigma around mental health.

Marika Dunne is a mixed media artist from Starkville, Mississippi. Marika’s parents are James and Demetra Dunne. Marika employs realism by capturing every beautiful flaw in her chosen subjects. Her goal is to analyze what makes the objects or individuals unique in form and depict this through her work with charcoal, oil paint, and/or watercolor. Her hope is that when others step away from her work, they can know more about the life or formation of her individual subjects, and that, through them, they come to know more about herself.

Noah Edwards is a ceramist from Philadelphia, Mississippi. Noah’s parents are Kim Neal and Dee Edwards. Noah’s work focuses on his courses in religion, philosophy, and mythology.  He takes pieces and forms them into wearable art that encompass sound and are used for representation of various quality aspect from other groups in conjunction with one another.

Lily Elliott is an artist from Oxford, Mississippi who is also minoring in business management. Lily’s parents are Kim and Michael Elliott. Lily’s thesis exhibition will showcase handmade tables, chairs, game boards, and their respective pieces. All of these (and more) will be placed within a living room setting that has also been designed and decorated by Lily. Her thesis exhibition focuses on the art of board games and the amount of sentimentality they can carry within a household. Her pieces are inspired by her family, their hobbies, and the vibrant environment that she was raised in.

Rosemary Ferguson is a printmaker born in Jackson, Mississippi. Rosemary’s parents are B and GG Ferguson. Rosemary fell in love with the idea of fine arts at the end of her high school education. She experiments with graffiti, painting, and printmaking through which she has developed a fun, radical style of art that is powerful and bright. Her hope is that her artwork will make a striking impact on those who view it. Her Instagram is

Tiffany Gladney is from Aberdeen, Mississippi. Tiffany’s parents are Samona Johnson and Justin Kendrick. Her thesis is a visual representation of how she views strong, powerful black women. She has been doing art for the past nine years. Tiffany hopes that her art speaks to people and sheds a positive light on the black community, the culture, and the beauty.

Ana Sofia Licona Luque is a Mexican furniture maker from Queretaro, Mexico. Sofi’s parents are Guillermo Ernesto Licona Verduzco and Elia Marcela Luque Cornado. She draws inspiration from her cultural heritage and urban landscapes that surround her. Sofi’s furniture is mostly rectilinear, complemented by the use of fibers and color. Through her body of work, Sofi challenges her audience to examine the importance of creating efficient spaces and objects that fulfill a specific function while narrating our interactions in the world.

Taylor Addison Moore is landscape painter from Columbus, Mississippi. Taylor’s parents are Earl and Julie Moore. Her thesis exhibition tells a personal narrative about battling her own obstacles through her academic journey. She uses herself as the analogy of a tree growing and maturing through winter, spring, summer, and fall. Taylor hopes that others begin to see their own personal stories through her art.

Mia Parker is a ceramist from Madison, Mississippi. Mia’s parents are Janet Parker and Stephen Parker. Mia’s art takes inspiration from taxidermy. She focuses on creating ceramic sculptural animal pieces. To bring her animal creatures to life, she adds texture, uses different firing techniques, and adds sculptural elements to her pieces. 

William Allen Pearson is a native Mississippian from Pontotoc, Mississippi. Will’s parents are Mike and Deedie Pearson. He draws inspiration from past experiences along with what he encounters in the world today. His style of work draws inspiration from his love of traveling and ties to the Gulf of Florida and southern Louisiana. He is also inspired by rhythm and colors found in those areas in which he works to convey through his style of work.

Tironn Talley is a comic illustration artist born in Kosciusko, Mississippi. Tironn’s parents are Yolanda and Terry Talley. His thesis work explores his interests of heroes and villains from comics, movies, and games. Tironn has always had an interest in drawing out characters and plans on displaying his work by presenting his own characters through his illustrations.

Justin Vowell is a ceramist from Tupelo, Mississippi. Justin’s parents are Susan and Gary Vowell. Justin creates wheel thrown pieces of pottery. His website is

Marcus Williams is from Raymond, Mississippi. Marcus’ parents are Sanana and Marcus Williams. Marcus desires to create work that is influential and grand, exploring and questioning human nature’s drive and quest for immortality. His goal is to use art to move beyond this conflict and to no longer be fixated on this dilemma.



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