Graphic Design Thesis Exhibition Spring 2020: All the Things

April 16, 2020


Online Exhibit

grid of 16 senior headshots in black and white (4 columns by 4 rows)
Graduating MSU graphic design seniors are showcasing their skills and talents in their “All The Things” exhibition in their online gallery starting April 16th, 2020. From Right to Left, first row: Hannah Battey, Lexi Bennett, Carson Brantley, Katie Corey. Second row: Amelia Dalton, Tatiana Flores, Lindsey Harper, Rosalind Hutton. Third row: Laura Jones, Amber Mabry, Suzy Marshall, Ques Nevels. Fourth Row: Mary Hannah Ruff, Mimi Abbott Sheppard, Lilah Smith and Julia Thompson

News release via graphic design students

Sixteen Mississippi State graphic design majors are prepared to show all of the skills and talents they have achieved in this year’s Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) senior graphic design exhibition.

“All the Things” showcases these seniors’ excellence of achieving powerful projects and the completion of studio work within the Mississippi State University Department of Art, the state’s largest undergraduate studio art program. The spring 2020 graphic design thesis students were under the instruction of Assistant Professor Claire Gipson.

What does "All the Things" mean exactly?

“All the Things” refers to the phrase that Professor Jamie Mixon says to her students to guide and help them to achieve their design goals and reach excellence.

“Motivation, self-discipline, and most of all, limitless potential! That’s what is means to ‘do all the things,’” said Suzy Marshall of Smithville.

“When we didn’t know where to go with a project, we would ask Professor Mixon for advice, and she would say ‘just do all the things.’ It may not make sense to others, but for us, it was always just what we needed to hear to finish out each project strong,” said Lexi Bennett of Columbus.

Due to MSU’s precautions of the CO-VID 19 pandemic, there will not be a physical exhibition for this year’s graduating seniors. However, a virtual gallery will be launched on April 16.

Follow @allthethings2020 on Instagram for updates and information about the show.

Visit to check out the virtual gallery.

“All The Things” senior exhibitors include (by hometown):

COLUMBUS – Lexi Bennett

FLORENCE – Lilah Smith

GREENWOOD – Mimi Abbott Sheppard

HATTIESBURG – Mary Hannah Ruff

HOUSTON, TX – Tatiana Flores

LAUREL – Laura Jones

MERIDIAN – Amelia Dalton

PONTOTOC – Carson Brantley

SHREVEPORT – Katie Corey

STARKVILLE – Lindsey Anne Harper

SMITHVILLE – Suzy Marshall

TCHULA – Rosalind Hutton

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