Artist/filmmaker John Halaka visit

February 6, 2023


Starkville campus

Shackouls Honors College, the International Institute, and the Departments of Anthropology and Middle Eastern Cultures and Art will be hosting artist/filmmaker John Halaka from February 6-11, 2023.

An exhibition of his work will be on display the Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery, titled "Memories of Memories," and the visit will include a public lecture and workshop.

Exact dates, times, and locations are still being determined.

"John’s work critically examines the effects and after-effects of colonization and social and political injustices on marginalized populations," Assistant Professor Jenna Altomonte said. "His current project engages participants who share similar experiences related to erasure, land-grabbing, and the continued fight for self-determination."

“My artwork is produced as a result of extended personal engagement with marginalized communities and is designed to provide an arena for the participants, myself and the viewers, to meditate on survival and resistance as conditions that shape the life experiences of displaced populations," the artist John Halaka said.

The proposed workshop invites students and members of the MSU community to critically examine their personal relationship to displacement, migration, immigration, emigration, movement and/or exile. Individuals will be encouraged to share creative narratives/visual interpretations that range from primary accounts to ancestral musings. For the workshop, participants will use donated maps from the Geosciences Department. Students will select a map that connects, disconnects, enriches, celebrates and/or subverts their familial history. Participants may use the surface of the map to sketch portraits, embroider motifs/crests/symbols, create collages comprised of photographs/archival texts, cut and rebuild border systems, etc.