Derek Duckworth

 Derek Duckworth


  • Community Planner




Derek Duckworth is the community planner at GCCDS. He received his Bachelor's of Geography with an emphasis in sustainable and economic development from the University of Southern Mississippi; currently, he is working toward obtaining his Masters in Geography from the University of Southern Mississippi, focusing on planning in areas of socially vulnerable populations, more specifically Native American Reservations. The majority of his studies concentrate on planning and socially vulnerable populations. Derek was able to gain experience working with the Washington State Department of Traffic, where he worked with the Hillyard Neighborhood District, learning more about transportation, socioeconomic and community planning.
Derek has been a resident of the Mississippi Gulf Coast for the past five years, working for cities along the coast as a city planner and director of planning and zoning. Originally, Derek resides from Tokio, North Dakota, located on the Spirit Lake Nation. Derek’s passion for helping and promoting his community succeed through engagement and planning has only grown as he continues his work for what he considers “home”.


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