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Interior Design History

Interior Design History

The Interior Design Program at Mississippi State University had its beginnings in the Home Economics Unit as part of the College of Agriculture. Although Home Economics had its beginning as a research unit in 1924, the teaching of undergraduate courses did not begin until 1969 when the unit was changed to the Department of Home Economics. The first Interior Design graduate was in 1971. 

In 1996, the Department of Home Economics became the School of Human Sciences. Interior Design was one of the four concentrations that were available to undergraduate students. With the inception and growth of the Interior Design Program in the context of a college focused on human sciences, the program has remained focused on human-environment relationships.

In 2004 the Interior Design Program was moved into a newly formed college (the College of Architecture, Art and Design), joining  the Department of Art and School of Architecture. Transition to the new college allowed the program to make enhancements to the curriculum, resulting in a degree granting status in 2006 of a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. The Interior Design Program has been CIDA (formerly FIDER) Accredited since 1993 and continues to be the largest program in the state of Mississippi. 

Since the formation of the college, Interior Design:

  • Has doubled in both student and faculty numbers.
  • Established and active industry Advisory Board.
  • Created a minor in Interior Design.

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