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Connect with a Current Student

Connect with a Current Student

We have a student organization for current students who are excited and waiting to connect with you to answer all those questions you just need to hear from someone who has been through it, such as “How did you find a roommate, what can I do now to get ready, what are art classes really like, what residence hall is the best option for me,” etc.

Please fill out form at the link below and we will try to facilitate connecting you with a student.

I want to talk to a current student

Our students are all excited to meet you. Give us some time to connect you with the right student. In the meantime, you can reach out to us at or check us out on instagram @CAADatMSU.


(662) 325-2202

Building Construction Science

(662) 325-8305

Interior Design

(662) 325-0530

Dean's Office

(662) 325-5150