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Computer Requirements

Computer Requirements

The MSU Building Construction Science Program requires all students to purchase a laptop (with related software and peripherals) when they enter the studio course sequence. It should be purchased and operational by September 1 of the fall semester.

When purchasing your computer, consider the expandability of the system. How big is the hard drive; can it be replaced? How much RAM does the computer have? What is the maximum amount that can be added? How good is the video card? Be advised that laptop video cards CANNOT be replaced. How many peripheral ports such as USB and Firewire are available? It is likely that you may need to upgrade the machine (in two years) and possibly replace it in 3-4 years. As new software versions become available, the computer may need to be more powerful and have more storage.

Software used in the building construction fields have minimum system requirements that must be addressed carefully. Most software used in the studio and supporting classes is upgraded yearly.

Please refer to the following LAPTOP guidelines and requirements:

Processor: Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7
Hard Drive: Minimum 500GB (Recommended 750GB or above)
Memory (RAM): 16GB recommended w/ expansion capability
Video Adapter: Minimum Video Adapter 256MB Nvidia or ATI (Recommended 512MB DIrect X 10 Capable with Shader Model 3)
Storage: CD/DVD/RW Required, 1-8 GB portable flash drive. (500GB or greater External Hard Drive Recommended)
Screen size: 15inch (minimum)
Network: Ethernet: 10/100 or 10/100/1000 built In
Wireless: 802.11g

Operating System Requirements

New windows machines ship with Windows 10, which will work with the university’s network. Building construction science students are recommended to use Windows 10. Computers with Windows 7 & 8 are also acceptable.

Students in the Building Construction Science Program will utilize programs that are only compatible with the Windows Operating System and therefore all Building Construction Science Students are required to have computers with Windows 7,8 or 10.

NOTE: Vista Home Edition and Windows 7 Home Edition WILL NOT WORK WITH OUR NETWORK and are not supported by the College of Architecture, Art, and Design or ITS (Information Technology Services).


Suggested Software*: Each studio level has specific software requirements. Lecture courses will also have specific requirements (not unlike textbook requirements). Required software for all courses will be documented in each course syllabus. 

Word Processing

Microsoft Office (latest version)

Acrobat X Pro (latest version)

  • Standard student license available 

Bluebeam Revu

CAD Software

AutoDesk products

3D Modeling 

Trimble Sketchup Pro

  • Free download available

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

AutoDesk Revit


OnScreen Takeoff

  • Free download available to students during studio


Microsoft Project: (latest version) Verify w/ class requirements

  • Free download available to students during studio


Verify w/ studio requirements. 

Apple users will be required to use software that is not compatible with the Mac OS. This will require Students to use Apple's Boot Camp or other Windows Emulator (VMFusion, Parallels, ETC.) that allows Windows to run on the Apple Machine. Building Construction Science students are required to use Windows 10. (See second bullet under "word precessing" above).

* Please note that the Building Construction Science considers software requirements analogous to textbook purchases.

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