2020 Alumni Survey

Time in the Department of Art

Undergraduate BFA Concentration

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Fine Art: Drawing7
Fine Art: Painting13
Fine Art: Sculpture5
Fine Art: Ceramics3
Fine Art: Printmaking1
Graphic Design58
Minor in Fine Art (Bachelor’s in Architecture)1

Graduation Year

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What do you value most about your BFA from MSU?

I value the connections to real designers and real-world design work that my professors instilled in us.
I appreciate the way it's allowed me to think about my projects. I think I offer a unique perspective in comparison with my coworkers.
I feel it better prepared me skill wise for a career in the field. I know what to recognize and to critique upon for my team to help them create better design habits.
The professors hands down are the absolutely most valuable part of my BFA experience from MSU; without their guidance and feedback engagements, I would lack a critical and necessary component to my day-to-day work today.
Confidence to design, build, and create whatever I want and the knowledge of tools and materials to do it well.

How soon after graduation did you receive your first job or start making money with your degree?

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< 6 months60
6 months to 1 year15
&rt; 1 year13

Did you receive your master's degree?

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Expected Masters in 20221

What are your fondest memories of your time in the Department of Art?

Working on projects with my classmates until the late hours of the night or even just how close we all were because we shared the same passion for graphic design.
Friends, teachers, the support we had as well as the tools to use for fine arts
I absolutely loved having our senior studios in the Cotton District. I atmosphere was spot on and I built some strong relationships with my studio mates that year.
The critiques, conversations and the overall drive established by peers and instructors.
The memory of learning alongside so many talented fellow students and giving each other suggestions and ideas is strong. It felt great to constantly live in that world of creative growth and exploration and it's hard to overstate the importance of having that time, unhindered by the expectations of a career.

Current Jobs

Employment Status

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Location (State)

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Annual Income

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Job Titles

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Job Tenure

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Job Satisfaction

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