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Architecture Externships, Internships, and Cooperative Education

Architecture Externships, Internships, and Cooperative Education

To help gain professional experience, the School of Architecture facilitates externships and co-ops and helps with internships through our Career Expo and job postings.


Externships are one-week experiences for students during the university’s spring break, allowing students to learn more about the architecture profession. Externships occur over a five-day period at participating architecture and design firms across the United States. All expenses associated with travel, room, and board are the responsibility of the student, but aid may be available (please inquire with the director,, when applying for the Externship). The School of Architecture takes on the role of helping place and advise students interested in participating in externships.

Students who would like to participate in an externship can find more information at the MSU Architecture Externship Application website.

  • Application Due Date (including resume and portfolio): January 30
  • Notice of Externship Placement: First two weeks of February
  • Dates of Externship: Mississippi State University spring break (Monday – Friday) 

All resumes and portfolios must be sent to Alexis Gregory at and Amy Skelton at for an externship application to be considered.


Internships are full or part-time employment in architecture or design firms, usually occurring during the summer or winter breaks. Students learn about the profession and obtain experience that is applicable to their Architecture Experience Program (AXP) requirements. While the School of Architecture does not place students for internships, a Career Expo is organized and job postings are shared on social media and through the MSU Career Center’s job board, Connections.

Cooperative Education

Following their third or fourth-year, architecture students may elect to fulfill one year of their Architecture Experience Program (AXP) requirements through a cooperative education (co-op) experience managed by the MSU Career Center. The MSU Cooperative Education Program works closely with students in making employment arrangements and monitors their performance through firm-submitted progress reports. These assessments are used to help students better understand professional expectations and inform S/ARC faculty of student preparedness.

Current job openings and internships can be found on the MSU Career Center’s job board, Connections.

Potential Employers

If you are interested in employing an MSU School of Architecture student, please contact Amy Skelton at the MSU Career Center, or 662.325.3344, to register your company with the Career Center and to participate in these opportunities.

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