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Architecture Summer Camp: Design Discovery

Architecture Summer Camp: Design Discovery

Design Discovery is a seven-day summer workshop intended to answer many of the questions about architecture and design as fields of study and as professions.

Next Camp: June 5-11, 2022

The major goal of the summer workshop is to simulate the information, skill, and intensity required for an architectural education and to give clear insight into the practice of architecture. With this experience, it will be possible for the participants to make an informed career decision about architecture and its related disciplines.


Admission into Design Discovery is open to high-school-age students (16 and above) and incoming college freshmen who are interested in the field of architecture and/or other related design fields. Older students are also encouraged to attend, but they must contact the school for specific instructions and arrangements before filling out the application. Neither school transcripts nor letters of recommendation are required. 

Prospective students, as well as those considering a career in architecture, have found Design Discovery helpful in confirming their choice of architecture as a profession and in making a smoother transition into the first-year architecture studio. The dedicated faculty members and high-caliber students who work as counselors and instructors during the week provide knowledge, experience, and friendships that will be valuable to entering architecture freshmen. The School of Architecture highly recommends all those who have been accepted into the first-year architecture studio consider participating in Design Discovery.

Registration and Costs

Design Discovery is first-come, first-served, and space is limited. All registration forms should be submitted by May 15. Anyone considering registering after this date should call the Mississippi State University School of Architecture first to see if space is still available. 

The total cost of the camp is $600. This includes a non-refundable deposit of $100, which must be paid at time of registration. Upon notice of acceptance to Design Discovery, the remaining $500 is due by May 15.

The cost of the program includes instruction by faculty and counselors, a t-shirt, supplies that the student will receive throughout the week, and university fees for health services, equipment, facilities, and libraries.

If for some unseen reason you cancel your attendance, you will receive a 100% refund (of the $500) prior to May 15 and a 50% refund (of the $500) prior to May 31. No refund will be available after May 31.

Registration typically opens in February.

Email me when registration opens.


Toyota Wellspring Education Fund

Full scholarships have been available in the past for students attending Mississippi public schools in Lee, Pontotoc, and Union Counties through the Create Foundation’s Toyota Wellsprings Education Fund. Please contact us to inquire.

Johnson-McAdams Design Discovery Camp Scholarship

Applicants must be from Leflore County, Mississippi; be sixteen years of age or older; and be genuinely interested in a career in architecture and related disciplines. Minority students and other under-represented populations will also be considered. This scholarship funds four students to attend this seven-day summer workshop. Each scholarship will pay for all costs (except for one meal) of the selected participants' meals, lodging, and supplies.

Eligible students should contact the School of Architecture to request a scholarship application.

Room and Board

Both male and female students must stay in an MSU residence hall. The residence halls will be supervised by the counselors who will be assisting throughout the week as well as by trained MSU residence hall assistants. Meals will be provided by the School of Architecture; one meal will be at the student’s own expense during a walking tour of downtown. Note: If food allergies or dietary restrictions are not listed on your application, the School of Architecture will not be able to accommodate. Roommate requests may be made at the time of application or at any time prior to registration deadline. No room assignment may be changed after 5 p.m. on May 31. All students MUST bring a pillow, bed-linens, and towels.

Program of Events


  • Registration at School of Architecture: 3-5 pm: Top Floor, Giles Hall
  • Dinner & Opening Remarks: 5:30 pm Presentation: Design Discovery at MSU (for both parents and students) Introduction: Lecture (The Instant Environment) Begin Project 1 (Conceptual Modeling)


  • Lecture/Workshop: Freehand Drawing I
  • Full Scale Construction of Project 1
  • Construction Ends (review projects) Film Series 1 (Auditorium)
  • Sketching (Church option)
  • Lecture: Begin Project 2 (3-D Spatial Study)
  • Intro to Structure (paper studies) Review Proj. 2
  • Field Trip: Modern Buildings (Field Sketch)
  • Lecture
  • Begin Project 3 (Product Design: Furniture)
  • Film Series 2 (Auditorium)
  • Drawing/Sketching Workshop II
  • Field Sketching in the Cotton District
  • Review Furniture Project (No. 3)
  • Film Series 3 (Auditorium)
  • Field Trip: to Campus Buildings
  • Discussion: The Profession of Architecture
  • Complete Miniature Site Model
  • Lecture: Final Project (Residential Design Unit)
  • Charrette
  • Studio Session: Final Project
  • Final Project Submission: 8 p.m., Thursday 
  • Dinner / Party / Live Music 
  • Film Series 4 (Auditorium)


  • 8:30 am Final Project Reviews: (Parents are encouraged to attend morning sessions to see the students present their work)
  • Closing Remarks: 11:00 - 11:30 
  • Check-out: 11:30

*The schedule is subject to change.

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