48th Annual MSU Student Juried Exhibition

Welcome to the 48th MSU Student Juried Exhibition

This annual student juried exhibit celebrates the achievements of the participating Mississippi State University undergraduate students and recognizes outstanding student work in four categories: Foundation, Fine Art, Graphic Design, and Photography.

This year, 162 total works were submitted for consideration, and 54 final works selected by the three jurors for the four categories. Along with making selections for the works into the exhibit, the jurors also chose the four Best in Show and 11 Honorable Mention award designations.

About the Jurors:

Foundation and Fine Art 

Diana Baumbach. Multi-media sculptor, Associate Professor of Foundations at Univ. of Wyoming

Originally from Oak Park, IL, Diana Baumbach earned her BFA from Washington University in St. Louis (2003) and her MFA from Southern Illinois University Carbondale (2007). In addition to numerous juried and invitational group shows, she has had solo exhibitions at Box13 (TX), Washington State University, Dynamo Expo (Enschede, Netherlands) and Arkansas State University, among others.  Baumbach has undertaken public art projects at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts (Ketchum, ID), the Children’s Learning Center (Pinedale, WY) and the Albany County Public Library (Laramie, WY). She received a Visual Art Fellowship from the Wyoming Arts Council in 2015 after receiving Honorable Mention three times (2011, 2013 and 2014).  Baumbach is currently an Associate Professor at the University of Wyoming where she lives with her husband Shelby and sons Shepard and Holland.


Jimmy Fike. Photographer

Jimmy Fike earned a BA in Art from Auburn University and an MFA in Photography from the Cranbrook Academy of Art.​ He's worked as an Art Professor at Wake Forest and Ohio Universities. Currently, he's Residential Art Faculty and Exhibitions Coordinator at Estrella Mountain College in Avondale, Arizona.

His photographic work endeavors to push the tradition of landscape photography into the realm of socially engaged practice. His series on wild edible plants has been exhibited extensively across the USA, featured in the LA times and accepted into the permanent collection of the George Eastman House Museum.

Graphic Design

Julie Spivey. Designer and Professor of Graphic Design in the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia

Julie Spivey is a designer and design educator with a particular fondness for letterforms, typography and effective information hierarchy. She is Professor of Graphic Design in the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia, is active in design practice, specializing in publication design, information visualization and all things typographic, and is also a past co-chair of the AIGA Design Educators Community Steering Committee.. 

Spivey discovered her interest in visual communication while earning her undergraduate degree in Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, then developed an obsession for letterforms and fine typography while pursuing an MFA in Communication Arts at East Carolina University.

Award Winners


Best in Show - Foundation

Black drawing of still life on orange-brown background
Mary Sanders, Making Momma Proud

Honorable Mentions - Foundation

Colorful drawing of still life including horse skull
Dontae Ball, Final Pastel
4 images of black and white paper cutout images. top left: little girl in the forest surrounded by trees reaching out to her, there is a dark one behind her with eyes, very eerie. top right: moon with clouds reaching for it and engulfing it while there is a fairy in a bubble floating towards it. bottom right: vine like branches with leaves on the in a pattern. bottom left: figure that looks to be apart of or engulfed by a tree reading.
Juliet Buckholdt, Octet-Inspired Paper Cut Design
digital art, background is of smooth sand with wave pattern on bottom right diagonal half and then very dry desert on the other half, the two come together in organic shape. over that is a dark, blurred photo of a figure that seems to be walking, with an ex then over that are ragged and curved one is black and the other is white.
Hunter Smith, Amethyst

Fine Art

Best in Show - Fine Art

graphite drawing on paper of a rundown place with a junkyard with fence in the background with semi-truck with graffiti, then grass, and then an old tv in the middle with a little girl melting out of the tv almost like going into another dimension below and upside down the grass surface as if it was a reflection in water that looks very industrial as if it is a factory that is rundown.
Mecca Givens, LeftTurn

Honorable Mentions - Fine Art

painting of a portrait of a young woman with arms crossed, straight hair a few inches longer than shoulder length. she is wearing a t-shirt, flannel, and jeans while looking off to the left.
Elaina Hart, Mandy
it is a porcelain jar that looks like a shortened sphere jar with smaller rounded lid with a rounded yet pointed handle on top. the surface and very smooth and glassy with very tiny cracks in it.
Hunter Smith, Porcelain Jars: Kuan Jar


Best in Show - Photography

black and white photo of three fragments of mirror of different sizes and sharp angles showing hands in the bottom two and a forearm in the top right smaller fragment. they are all placed in tall grass as a Birdseye view. high contrast between the mirror pieces and grass.
TJ Barnett, SERIES TITLE: Light Relationship

Honorable Mentions - Photography

photo collage of an old woman of higher class leaning onto an older, metal staircase railing in the city. There is double of the woman and the second is on the most front and down and left of the original woman. on the original woman there are tear marks in the shape of rectangle around her and on the most front women there are thin, wispy white lines scrippled on her torso.
Layla Adkisson, Chaos Within: practically perfect
photo shot downward of a woman of color in the nude sitting on a chair that you cannot see with two blonde, braided buns on the sides,long cones with small uniform sea shells placed on the breast, and lots of flowers in bushels or bouquets covering her right side from her knee to her waist. the entirety is warm toned.
Alexus Milons, Final Form 1
black and white photo with high contrast with different blurs or flashes of overlayed photos that almost blend together. the focus is on a woman in the center with brown, curled hair wearing a black tank top, in the bottom right is of a nude woman with jeans on, but her face is not in the photo. the overlay on the top right side very blurry so it just looks like shapes.
Hailey Nickels, A Rose By Any Other Name

Graphic Design

Best in Show - Graphic Design

Graphic design advertisement for candle brand: Jefferey Campbell. candle encased in angled square epoxy form with burned matched in epoxy. Label, "jefferey campbell," in top left corner with three images of candle on the rest of it.
Amelia Dalton, Jeffrey Campbell Candle & Catalog Design - collaboration with CURiO

Honorable Mentions - Graphic Design

graphic design marketing about saving the monarch butterflies. there are 5 photos of the product. the top right says, "1 2 3," at the top and then,"save the," with a butterfly mark after. then there are different renditions of that and one says, "Plant, grow, help," along with a game for kids to play that's in the shape of a butterfly.
James Baggett, Save the Monarchs: Butterfly Rebrand
graphic design restaurant advertising and labeling for Ironstrike. Label says, "Ironstrike," with flame graphic on top middle. two sides of the menu are showing along bottom left side along with beer bottles on the bottom right side and match box in top right corner.
Courtney Bates, Ironstrike
menu for Jeanne's showing both sides placed on dark wood table. Label says "Jeanne's" in the middle with floral graphics surrounding it.
Megan Norman, Jeanne's Menu


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