CAAD Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee

Members TBD

CAAD Research/Creative Art Committee

Chair: Jeffrey Haupt
Jassen Callender
Jeff Fulton
Leah Kemp
Robert Long
Gregory Martin
Soon Ee Ngoh
David Perkes
John Poros

CAAD Promotion and Tenure Committee

Alex Bostic
Amy Crumpton
Marita Gootee
John Poros

CAAD Curriculum Committee

Amy Crumpton
Jeff Fulton
Alexis Gregory
Suzanne Powney
Saeed Rokooei

CAAD Faculty Advisory Council

Angi Bourgeois
Lee Carson
Amy Crumpton
Jacob Gines
Claire Gipson
Jeffrey Haupt
Hans Herrmann
Michele Herrmann
Dominic Lippillo
Lyndsey Miller
Joe Morzuch
Saeed Rokooei