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The dean’s suite for the College of Architecture, Art, and Design is housed in Giles Hall along with the School of Architecture.

Photo Credit: Justin Taylor | Assistant Professor

Through a series of courses, graphic design students become adept at using traditional skills and inventive solutions. Students may expand their studies into typography, illustration, multimedia, and web design.

Students in the College of Architecture, Art, and Design take drawing courses to sharpen their skills, often finding inspiration from Mississippi State University’s beautiful campus.

Sculpture students within the Department of Art are introduced to materials and ideas necessary to understand spatial problems. Emphasis is placed on modeling, carving, and construction in a variety of materials.

Thanks to recent updates in Howell Building, students can now fabricate large-scale sculptures. Here, a student works on his Thesis exhibition.

Students studying painting will develop ideation and conceptualization processes through studio practices in acrylic, oil, watercolor, and mixed media painting.

Students in the Building Construction Science Program visit numerous construction sites and plants during their time in the program to get them comfortable with the industry and work environment.

Building construction science students visit numerous construction sites and companies throughout their time at Mississippi State to give them as much experience as possible solving real-world problems.

BCS students go on numerous site visits and field trips throughout their four years of study in the program.

Self-portraits are a favorite project for many art students.

Photo Credit: Self Portrait | Watercolor | Andrea Byers

Students are expected to be able to professionally present their design ideas in front of their peers, professors and guest jurors.

Photo Credit: Russ Houston | University Relations

Ceramics majors within the Department of Art study a full range of ceramic-related processes dealing with forming, glazing, and firing.

Prospective students are encouraged to attend the weeklong Design Discovery Camp. The major goal of the workshop is to simulate the information, skill, and intensity required for an architectural education and to give clear insight into the practice of architecture.

Photo Credit: Matthew Berk

BCS students are challenged to integrate classroom knowledge and skills to solve tough problems on construction projects.

Photo Credit: Russ Houston | University Relations